5 good reasons to go to Canada

Each year, Canada welcomes many visitors from around the world.

Tourists, students, professionals, entrepreneurs: Canada will seduce you and welcome you warmly.

You are an individual ?

Multicultural Country

Canada is the 2nd largest country with its superficy. A multifaceted country that will charm you, for sure. The province of Quebec, the multicultural city of Montreal, the buildings of Toronto, the vast forests, the breathtaking landscapes ... Canada will not leave you indifferent!

Planning to go to Canada ?

FARHA CONSULTING assists you during the process. 


A dynamic economy and job market: working, making business, or starting up a business in Canada

With a high employment rate and a low annual inflation rate, Canada offers attractive prospects for working and living there. 

Need to speed up your career?

Do you want a new experience, a more international one?


Or do you want to embark on a new professional adventure?

In Canada, skilled workers and managers will find great opportunities and career advancement there. 

Air quality and its natural landscapes

Just by pronouncing the name “Canada”, we immediately visualize its countless landscapes where mountains, firs, maples, and lakes follow one another. Through its geography and numerous national parks, Canada offers recognized and appreciated air quality. Many actions have been implemented to manage and preserve this environment and these natural areas.


Feel safe in Canada

With its low crime rate and almost non-existent delinquency, Canada is a safe country. In town as in natural areas. Cities are committed to providing a pleasant living environment where residents feel safe.


Acceptance, tolerance…: values ​​and freedoms in Canada

Canada is one of the most peaceful countries in the world where values ​​and freedoms are strongly present: freedom of movement, equality between men and women, freedom of enterprise, freedom of religion, marriage between spouses of same sex…


Choosing Canada

for its quality

of life

If we look at the standard of living as a function of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita, then Canada ranks second compared to all of the G-20 countries. The reason? Its low annual inflation rate and the numerous investments of the government in different sectors: 


Immigrant structures and services

The government offers many services for newcomers: Assessing your skills and improving your language skills, finding accommodation, a job, enrolling your children in school or university ...

The Canadian education and school system: one of the best-performing countries.

Canada is considered one of the best countries for learning reading, math, and science. University students will be delighted to learn that 5 of Canada's universities have entered the ranking of the best universities in the world. The University of Toronto came 18th on this ranking. A great success against the large, famous and historic American and British universities.


Speaking French is a plus: Canada, looking for Francophones

French is officially one of the country's two languages, along with English. By speaking French, you will immediately be able to make yourself understood by a large majority of Canadians. But not only !

It is also a real advantage to integrate easily. Many francophone communities are established across the country, in the province of Quebec and outside Quebec, communities ready to warmly welcome Francophone immigrants and guide them through their first moments in Canada.

In general, Canadians are particularly attached to the French language. In the street, in a restaurant, in a university, during a business meeting, during an interview, the fact of speaking French will be appealing.


Canada also has many Francophone organizations responsible for supporting new immigrants in their integration and their projects. You speak French ? Adventure tempts you? Canada is looking for many Francophone profiles, and not only in the province of Quebec. Food, tourism, transport, technology… the fields are varied.

Among the G7 countries, Canada was the country that experienced the strongest growth from 2003 to 2012. To maintain this growth, the Canadian government is betting on the future. It supports entrepreneurs and businesses in the field of Research and Innovation.

How? 'Or' What? Thanks to a low tax rate. 

Whether it is for working, doing business, or starting up a business, Canada is a place of welcome to a solid, reliable and reassuring economy.


Canada's nature and landscapes, conducive to outdoor activities

Great Lakes, fir forests, maple trees, islands, beaches, waterfalls ... Canada never ceases to amaze you with its breathtaking views. To enjoy it, there is no shortage of outdoor sports activities. Canadians are fans of outdoor sports: hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, skiing, Nordic skiing, ice hockey…


The multicultural and welcoming atmosphere in Canada

Canada is a welcoming country. To see it, you just have to walk in Ottawa (the capital), Quebec, Vancouver or even Toronto. Today, Canadians are the result of a multicultural heritage.

College Students
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Guy Skiing

What steps to visit or live 
in Canada ?

A few days, several months or several years ... Leaving for Canada requires a few administrative procedures beforehand. That is when you imagine yourself spending hours filling out a lot of paperwork, right?


It is true that these procedures may seem complex to you. Especially since they are constantly evolving. 

Are you still tempted by Canada?


FARHA CONSULTING assists you in the steps to realize 
your dream.

FARHA CONSULTING assist you in the administrative procedures for the various immigration programs planned by the Canadian government. Choose your situation:

We offer personalized assistance during the process.


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