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Do you want to immigrate to Canada and obtain your permanent resident card?


Do you want to become a Canadian citizen? 

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Canada is a place where everyone is welcome. The proof: the Canadian government has developed numerous immigration programs to attract and choose candidates for immigration.


To maximize your success, it is important to choose the right program.


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In Canada, the federal government and the governments of the provinces and territories (British Columbia; Ontario; Quebec; Saskatchewan; Alberta; Prince Edward Island; Manitoba; New Brunswick; Nova Scotia; Nunavut; Newfoundland and Labrador; Northwest Territories; Yukon) are responsible for developing and updating the various immigration programs.


The immigration program system may seem complex and the process is constantly evolving. 

What is an immigration program ?

Today, there are more than 80 immigration programs, that is to say 80 possibilities to join Canadian lands as a permanent resident.


Each program represents the main reason for your presence in Canada.


Therefore, each program has its course and its specific administrative procedures to respect. 

Why create so many immigration programs ? 

This allows the government to better manage its reception policy on the territory, by selecting profiles ready to contribute to the development of the country. 

On what criteria are immigration programs built ? 

Whatever immigration program you want to apply for, the Canadian government wants to know more: 

  • your personal characteristics and experiences

  • your goals when coming to live in Canada

  • and your current situation 

To live and work in Canada, are there several immigration programs ? 

For professionals and workers, several immigration programs exist: the skilled worker program (Quebec and Federal), the provincial candidate programs, the federal Canadian experience program, the Quebec experience program (PEQ), and the federal program of the self-employed ... It is indeed according to your situation, your objectives, and your skills that you will decide which program to apply for. 


Does the Canadian government accept many applicants for immigration programs ?

The Canadian federal government is preparing and updating a multi-year immigration plan. In 2018, the goal was to welcome up to 310,000 immigrants. In 2021, Canada plans to welcome 350,000 new permanent residents. This multi-year plan is always detailed according to the category of the program.


Find all the details of Canada's multi-year immigration plan quotas.


Choosing the immigration program to apply for is choosing from more than 80 programs...


To get out of this puzzle quickly, focus on two points: your life plan and your assets.


To guide you to the right program, here are some questions to ask yourself beforehand:

  • Did you have higher education (post-secondary)? If so which ones ? 

  • Do you have “qualified” professional experience (s) ? 

  • Do you have a job offer or a promise to hire ? 

  • Do you have family or close friends in Canada ? 

  • Have you ever studied or worked in Canada ? 

  • Do you have assets to acquire a business or invest in business ? 

  • Do you have a business, or do you manage a business?


The purpose of these questions is to highlight your strengths, especially those sought after by the Canadian government and the governments of the provinces.

It is thanks to its advantages that you will be able to choose the program best suited to your project and put the odds on your side.

4. Canadian Experience Category

Have you studied or worked in Canada? Maybe this is still the case?


Then you can apply for the immigration program thanks to your Canadian experience. Prepare the details on your skills, your professional experiences, your linguistic level, your training ... The candidates for this program are classified according to the specified criteria. Then, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) service selects future residents.

5. Quebec experience category

Have you obtained a diploma in the province of Quebec?


Have you worked in the province of Quebec?


The Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) is for you. It is especially popular with international students who have graduated and want to pursue their careers and lives in Canada.


To simplify, immigration programs are grouped into 6 main categories: 

1. The economic program and skilled workers

Education and professional experience: the Canadian government is looking above all for qualified, quality labor to support the country's economy in future years. By being admitted through the skilled worker program, you are then allowed to immigrate to Canada with your family. If you get a job offer from a Canadian company, be aware that your application will be processed more quickly by Canadian immigration services.

2. Family reunification

Do you have family residing in Canada?


Does your family want you to join them?


The Government of Canada is committed to maintaining close family ties as much as possible. Spouses, spouses, parents, grandparents, children: many possibilities are provided.

6. Provincial candidates

The provinces and territories select people with interesting profiles, according to their own criteria, and motivated to reside in Canada.


Each province or territory offers an immigration program: Alberta (PCA), British Columbia (BC PNP), Manitoba (PCM), New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia (NCIP), Ontarian Immigration Applicants (POCI), Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan (PCIS), Northwest Territories (PCTNO), Yukon (PCY). 

For the province of Nunavut?


At the moment, there is no PCP.

For the province of Quebec?


The province of Quebec has established its own selection criteria for economic immigration (outside the Provincial Nominee Program).


Before starting any process, we advise you to check your eligibility.


Complete this eligibility form and estimate your chances as a candidate for one of Canada's immigration programs. 

Your answers will be analyzed by FARHA CONSULTING.


Check your eligibility for the immigration program.


We offer personalized assistance during the process.

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