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Do you want to invest or do business in Canada? 

FARHA CONSULTING assists you during the process. 

With these immigration programs for "businesspeople", the Canadian government and the provinces are trying to attract investors, entrepreneurs and the self-employed to develop their activities on Canadian soil. 


This project requires administrative procedures and we are here to advise and assist you.


Canada and its provinces are committed to attracting serious investors, entrepreneurs and the self-employed for their potential and future contributions to the country's economic development.


These businesspeople also have a vital role to play in the job market. 

In addition to their active participation in the Canadian economy, businesspeople promote access to new foreign markets. By their roots, their nationalities and their networks, businesspeople have commercial relations with foreign customers, whether they are companies or individuals.

For all these reasons, the Canadian government and the provinces have implemented immigration programs to attract businesspeople. There are different types. Of course, our experts will advise and assist you in your choice and your steps.


Canada is an attractive country for many investors, entrepreneurs and the self-employed. Here are the different existing programs for businesspeople.


Immigration of investors 

This program requires investors to have significant net worth with sufficient capital to make a passive investment, guaranteed by the government. To obtain permanent resident status, the authorities examine several points in your file: 

- your net worth 

- your ability and willingness to make an investment in Canada 

- your management skills 

- your business acumen 

Through this program, your family members also become permanent residents.


Note: Quebec offers an immigration program for investors with investment conditions and a minimum duration.



To establish a new business in Canada, the Canadian government requires certain net worth and management experience to run your business in Canada. These criteria are necessary to ensure that your activity will be competitive globally and will create jobs.

There are mainly 3 programs for entrepreneurs:


- business start-up 

Thanks to this program, you will be able to be in touch with organizations in the private sector in Canada who can help you financially, give you advice…

- Quebec entrepreneurs 

Your goal is to create or acquire an agricultural, commercial, or industrial business in the province of Quebec.


- entrepreneurs in British Columbia 

Increasingly coveted by entrepreneurs, this province offers advantages: its strategic location, low taxes, competitive operating costs, and a skilled workforce.

Provincial designation 

Do you already have a precise idea of ​​the province in which you want to settle? Or are you looking for the perfect place to start your new business? The provinces have created dedicated business programs as part of the Provincial Nominee Program (PCP). 

FARHA CONSULTING advise and assist you make the right choice to geographically position your business and apply for the right program.


Immigration of the self-employed 

In this federal program, the following are considered as self-employed: people working in the agricultural, athletic (internationally), artistic or cultural fields. 

Experience in your field is essential. The authorities also assess your education, your experience in managing your activity, your age, your language skills in English and French, and, finally, your ability to adapt. 

Is your profession part of the self-employed? 


Contact us so that we can study your file together and assess your eligibility for the immigration program for the self-employed.


Do you want to start a new business in Canada? 


Here are the criteria required to participate in the business start-up program: 

- Have a letter of support from an organization designated by the government 

- Demonstrate a sufficient level in French or English 

- Have sufficient funds to settle in Canada 

- Intend to settle in a province (other than Quebec which has its own program) 

- Successfully pass the medical and security examinations provided by the Government of Canada 

It is not uncommon to want to start a business with others. This program provides for a maximum number of 5 people for a single business project. 

Once the visa is obtained, you must obtain a minimum investment from venture capital funds (minimum CAN $ 200,000) or angel investor groups (minimum CAN $ 75,000) designated by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). 


To avoid fraud, a peer review process has been put in place.


This program is fairly recent. It is a pilot program to encourage new activities that contribute to the Canadian economy.

To choose the right program for business people, here are the first 3 questions to ask:

1. Is your investment passive or active ? 

If your investment is more passive, the federal investor program or that of Quebec may be suitable. If you want to be more active in your investment, it is better to turn to a program as an entrepreneur like starting a business.


2. Do you want to settle in the province of Quebec or elsewhere ? 

Quebec, as a pioneer in this type of program, has put many actions in place to encourage the arrival of businesspeople on its territory. That is why they have their own program. The location you choose may influence your choice of program.

3. Does my company fall within the framework of self-employed workers ? 

If, for the moment, you are alone in managing and working for your company, it is necessary to ask yourself the question about your eligibility for self-employed status. There is an official list of professions authorized to apply for this program.


As you can see, these questions are there to give you a first idea of ​​the program to choose. However, each project is unique. 


At FARHA CONSULTING, we are here to present all the possibilities available to you and guide you to the most suitable program.


We offer personalized assistance during the process.



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