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Foreign companies

To support the smooth running of a project or simply for the good economic development of the company, it is sometimes necessary to transfer an executive or an experienced worker. 

Today, an employer can offer a fixed-term assignment to his employee. Objective: support the launch of a product, service, factory, store, etc. in Canada. The mission may well relate to managerial management as well as the transfer of expertise and procedures.

The transfer of employees for a fixed period requires some administrative procedures. With our expertise in this field, we assist you in these steps to make you more efficient. 

Local companies

Recruit qualified staff, the goal of many Canadian companies. Canada is experiencing a shortage of skilled labor. The competition is fierce, and companies are doing everything to attract new qualified candidates.


There is a solution: recruit internationally! The Canadian government, aware of the labor shortage problem on the territory, offers several regular and pilot programs. Workers who have real added value for Canada's economic development and future.


Recruit internationally, okay. How to go about it?


We are there to assist you throughout the recruitment phase and the administrative procedures.

FARHA CONSULTING assists you during the process.

With globalization, borders are shrinking. For Canada, 10th world power, it is a reality. Whether you are a local company based in Canada or a foreign company with a Canadian subsidiary, the mobility of human resources has become a key subject to support your economic development.

Do you want to recruit internationally or transfer a member of your team to Canada ?

Local company based in Canada or foreign company; human solutions exist to rely on qualified personnel.


Consider international recruitment or skills transfer.


Two proven solutions.


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