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Created in 2017, FARHA CONSULTING is an immigration consulting firm that

supports you in your project and your immigration procedures in Canada. 

Whether you are an individual or a company, we want everyone to realize their projects and dreams by coming to Canada.


Thanks to our immigration expertise, we adapt our support to your project:


- Come to Canada yourself

- Bring a member of your family

- Bring one of your employees

- Recruit a worker internationally


When we give you advice on immigration, we never lose sight of your goal. We put our immigration expertise at your service, so that you can come to Canada and carry out your project in the best conditions.


Through our support, you benefit from several services:

Expertise and monitoring of immigration 

With more than 80 programs at the federal and provincial levels, Canadian immigration requires a great deal of knowledge of the subject. Because the federal government and the provinces regularly update the criteria and procedures as needed and up to date. In constant watch on the subject, we guide you in the procedures and administrative procedures.

A close relationship with the institutions 

We follow each of your files carefully, with the various institutions that process your applications. Multiple organizations and institutions can be called upon during administrative immigration procedures.


Recruitment of temporary foreign workers thanks to the CNESST permit 

Our firm has official authorization to place or recruit temporary foreign workers on behalf of Canadian businesses. Local companies can entrust us with any international recruitment.

A follow-up of your file 

From the preliminary study to arrival and maintenance in the territory, FARHA CONSULTING advises you according to your project and your situation. We offer you the best solutions to reach your goal and we remind you of all deadlines.

Personalized and human support 

At FARHA CONSULTING, we need to understand your project as best as possible to guide you. We are convinced that good integration into Canada starts right from the immigration phase. From the preliminary study, we want to understand your project and your situation to give you the best advice.

Services in French and English 

Because Canada is an English and French speaking country, we offer our services in both languages.


Farha Hafsaoui  // FARHA Consulting

Founder and Consultant

Farha Hafsaoui is a regulated consultant in Canadian immigration and recognized by the Government of Quebec. An immigration expert since 2009, her multiple experiences have led her to specialize in Canadian immigration.

An asset for individuals who want to come temporarily or permanently to Canada


Farha Hafsaoui has lived, worked, and studied in several countries and on several continents around the world. From Bordeaux III University in France, to student exchanges with McGill University in Canada, Sheffield University in the United Kingdom, and a scholarship to study at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing. She worked for several years in Hong Kong for the Quebec Department of Immigration (then the MICC) as well as in a renowned Montreal law firm on immigration matters. Temporary and permanent immigration procedures, she knows! This journey makes Farha Hafsaoui the person who understands what an immigration journey entails and is excellent for accompanying her clients.


An asset for companies who want to recruit workers from abroad


Farha Hafsaoui has a multicultural and international background. Of French, Tunisian, Italian and Hungarian origin, she lived, worked and studied on several continents. Among other things, she holds a master's degree in intercultural negotiations. This journey makes Farha Hafsaoui the person who understands what is involved in an integration process in a foreign country to work there and the multiple cultural approaches to consider promoting successful integration and retention within the company.


Hafsaoui founded FARHA CONSULTING, an immigration consulting firm. With all her experiences, she moved to the Canadian capital region, to accompany any foreign person who wishes to join Canadian lands or any business to develop their activity in Canada.

Our WILL :
personalized and bespoke support

Canada is a host country where there is a real need for skilled workers. To please yourself in Canada, it is a matter of the first steps in immigration.


By creating this cabinet, Farha Hafsaoui has a desire: that everyone finds their place in Canada, feels good and contributes to the quality of life and economic development of the country.


To achieve this, it is essential to offer personalized support.


Each situation is different 


Each objective is different 


Each project is different 


Each file is different


Our support is personalized to better manage your immigration and integration.

And you, what is your project ?

Quebec, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver ... wherever you want to go to Canada, it will not leave you indifferent! Canada is known for being a welcoming and warm country. It is quick and easy to integrate. Especially if you speak French or English.


You want to visit, study, work, get together with your family or to support the economic development of your business, FARHA CONSULTING will guide you from the idea to your arrival in Canada.


Canada is constantly updating its immigration programs. Each program has its criteria and meets a very specific objective.

To start guiding you, choose your situation:


FARHA CONSULTING is recognized for its expertise on immigration to Canada:


  • Member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (no: R529895) 

  • Member of consultants recognized by the Ministry of Immigration, Francization, and Integration (no: 11710) 

  • Appointed commissioner for oaths in Quebec and outside Quebec (no: 219833) 

  • International recruitment permit issued by the CNESST (no: AR—2000775)


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